I Make Global Friendships

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Talking to youth from around the world“No matter where I travel to, I have friends I can visit and have dinner with.  If I am ever lost or need a place to say in Moscow, Sao Paulo or Tokyo, I can call a GYV alum. “- Alex Mulvey

During breakfast, you sit next to a French participant and you discuss the national election in the U.S. In your workshop, you engage with a group of Iraqi participants as you share dialogue and peace building lessons.  During siesta time, you learn a traditional song from your Nigerian friend. At night in your cabin, your Kyrgyz cabin mate teaches you a new dance during a dance party. There is no end to the opportunities at the Village for cultural sharing and making meaningful new friendships with young people around the globe.  Join the over 4,000 people from over 100 different countries who have laughed, cried, sang, ate and played together at GYV. Make Global Friendships at GYV!

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