I Uncover My Real Self

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arielle korman

Arielle Korman, GYV ’11-’12

“At GYV, you are free to be yourself and free to believe what you want to believe.  Other people just see it as a beautiful thing.” – Arielle Korman

Ever thought of traveling and meeting people different from your normal “hang out ” friends?   Ever wish you could go see a movie that your friends are not particularly interested in?  Life is about expanding yourself and trying new things.  These experiences give you a wider worldview. GYV is all about appreciating differences and finding commonalities. It can be fun to try new foods in the dining hall, or discover that you and a cabin mate from Indonesia both like the same music, or during dialogue class you realize you can help someone gain a new perspective with more compassion.  Uncover your real self at GYV


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Alex Mulvey01/31/2013 at 10:16 amReply

I was reading an old diary tonight and reconnected with the young me that had such profound experiences at Legacy. I learned SO MUCH there, and it was the first place I ever encountered where wanting to learn–about the world around me, about art, about the environment, or anything else–was not a liability and didn’t make me an outcast! I can’t thank Legacy enough for that.
Alex Mulvey P’94-’97