Are You a “Practical Idealist?” Join Our Village Staff Team!

June 2014 – Staff hiring for this summer is complete!  Thanks for your interest.  Check in next winter for 2015 options!

GYV’s diverse team represents a wide range of professions and skill levels.  Whether a recent college graduate, a seasoned trainer, or a university professor, GYV staff show a passion for youth development, community involvement and a keen interest in learning different perspectives.  Many have traveled to distant corners of the world.

GYV hires those who demonstrate:

  • a strong commitment to safety
  • experience working with teenagers
  • cross-cultural understanding with knowledge of world issues and dialogue.

staff break timeThe average age range is 22 – 27 years. Workshop instructors, professional chefs, health staff, and key program coordinators are often older. (Minimum age is 21, although 19 and 20 years olds are considered for support roles.)  It is not unusual to find people on the team who are exploring new careers.

Legacy seeks individuals with a balance of hard and soft skills. The best staff possess qualities of empathy, humor, quick thinking, flexibility, and creativity.  The team also demonstrates varied leadership styles. These traits ensure many teachable moments are “captured”, and a summer that is memorable and fun.

So what is it really like?  Working at GYV is inspiring, meaningful, challenging, and intense.  Some applicants have a somewhat romanticized notion of what it is like to work at GYV – “a summer near the mountains; in nature; young people from all over the world having deep, meaningful conversations; enjoying wholesome food…”  GYV is that, and much more.  It is hard work!

Our most successful staff are willing and able to...
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