All participants select a “Focus Area” during their time at GYV. 

Focus Areas provide an opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of a topic that interests them. The main goal of GYV is to foster cultural understanding and meaningful friendships, and Focus Areas provide a lens through which students can view their time at GYV.

Through their Focus Area, participants develop critical thinking, communication and leadership skills, and an opportunity to bond with international students who share your passions.

Each morning, students meet with their Focus Area group, led by an experienced, professional trainer (interested in becoming one of our trainers?  During this time, groups complete teambuilding games, simulations, group discussions, develop project plans and enjoy many more hands-on, engaging activities.

In 2015, GYV will offer the following Focus Areas: 


  • Do you want to learn about the cultures of your global peers? 

  • Do you want to find solutions to complex global problems? 

  • Do you wish it was easier for people with different opinions to get along? 

  • Do you wish your school or community was more tolerant of diversity?

Then LivingSidebySide® is perfect for you!Living-Side-by-Side-R300 Through this experience, you will develop a deeper understanding of your own believes and values, and how they may be similar or different than you global peers.  You will learn skills to bring together people of different backgrounds and believes.  You will learn the different between dialogue and debate, how to listen and understand, even when you don’t agree.  You will learn to find “win-win” solutions to complex problems.

LivingSidebySide® is a peacebuilding and tolerance training program developed and tested by Legacy educators over three decades.  The program is offered yearly at the Global Youth Village, as well as with youth living in conflict regions worldwide, including: Israel/ Palestine; Northern Ireland; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Iraq; and most recently in public schools across Kyrgyzstan.

Activities include: teambuilding games, simulations, small group discussions, guest presentations and special events

Participants earn a Certificate in “Leadership and Peacebuilding”

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  • Are you passionate about the environment? 

  • Do you enjoy spending time with Mother Nature? 

  • Are you concerned about climate change, natural resources, pollution or other environmental concerns?

Then Green Your World program is perfect for you!

Through this experience, you will develop an understanding of pressing environmental issues, participate in “hands-on” explorations of the woods and waterways in South West Virginia, learn how culture affects environmental issues and learn how to be a “Green Leader”.

Activities include: teambuilding games, nature and stream hikes, small group discussions, science experiments and special events.

Participants earn a Certificate in “Leadership and Environmental Action”

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  • Are you an aspiring visual and performing artist? 
  • Do want to learn how art can be used to explore different cultures? 
  • Do you want to use your art to express your view on current events and the issues you’re passionate about? 

Then this program is perfect for you!

Through this experience you will use various art forms (collage, performance, music, paint etc.) to learn about the backgrounds and cultures of other participants.  You will also learn how to use arts to express your thoughts on issues in your life, your community and the world.  You will learn how art is used as a tool for social change and cultural expression.

Activities include: art creation, performance, small-group discussion and special events

Participants earn a Certificate in “Leadership and Cultural Arts”

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  • Are you looking to practice your English conversation skills with native English speakers? 
  • Do you dream of attending University in the United States or another English speaking country?
  • Have you recently moved the US and want to gain more confidence in you conversation skills before starting school?
  • Would you like to better understand US culture?

Then English Immersion is perfect for you!

Through this experience, you will deepen your listening, conversations and writing skills, preparing you to have conversations with native English speakers about topics including: leadership, global issues, cultural sharing and peace. Emphasis is placed on advanced comprehension, writing and confidence when speaking.

You will spent 2-3 hours/ day in English Language instruction, rest of your day is spent practicing your English conversation while you enjoy sports, arts and cultural activities with diverse, global peers!

Activities include: small group conversations, journaling, interviewing, public speaking and special events

Participants earn a Certificate in “Leadership and English Language”

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