You will change, during your time at GYV, your thoughts will deepen, your communication skills will expand, you’ll come to understand your own opinions  and shared values in surprising ways.


  • When people are so different how do you find common ground?
  • When discrimination  is the loudest voice, how can you diffuse it?
  • How can you use communication to address bullying?

A Global World Needs Global Leaders: Develop the communication, team-building and problem solving skills you will need to address real world challenges in school, with your friends and family and in future careers.  This hands-on workshop teaches you how to communicate with, understand and solve problems with people from difference backgrounds.

Workshop features:

  • Conversations with teens around the world, about issues that are important to you
  • Team Building Games that encourage active listening and creative problem solving.
  • Simulations to practice your skills in a real-world setting
  • Meetings with our Heroes: successful teen peace-builders
  • 5 Reasons to Cultivate Dialogue and Diplomacy

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  • How do people use art and music to fight for social justice?
  • Create your own art to expresses what is important to you and sent a message to the world.
  • How can we use art to create change in our communities and the world?

Your Art Sends a Message to the World: Through this workshop, you will look at how artists and the media play a role in creating social justice and supporting human rights. You’ll also create your own art to express yourself and your believes.  In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how art has been used to create social change
  • Create visual art or musical pieces to address the human rights and social justice issues that you care about
  • Share how music, art and the media are viewed in difficult countries around the world
  • Practice your art and music with guest artists in residence.

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For beginning and intermediate and English learners.

  • Do you want to improve your comprehension and be more fluid in conversation?
  • Do you hope to study at an English speaking  university?
  • Do you want to know more about US culture and history?

You’ll learn the language, sharpen skills and practice English both inside and outside the classroom through:

  • Interactive  small-sized classes
  • Masterclasses on effective communication, presentation and dialogue
  • The English Challenge: can you be the journalist that catches the big story at GYV?
  • Cultural activities  Weekend trip to Washington DC and day trips Southwest Virginia
  • Conversation with U.S. students and other teens from around the world!

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 TRAVEL COMPONENT(for all International Participants, and optional add-on for U.S. Participants

Track #1: American History and Culture
Learn about US history and how government works. Explore American culture.  Visit the famous Smithsonian museums, historical monuments and get some great souvenirs.
For first time visitors to the nation’s capital.
Track #2
Tour American university and college campuses.  Network with young professionals working in government and NGOs.  Learn about the college application process.
For those ready for exploration of careers and universities.