Virtual Camp Agreement

  • I give permission for my child to access the TalentLMS and Zoom platforms using the password provided by Legacy International to participate in the large and small group online activities. Neither I nor my child will share the Legacy International login information to TalentLMS and Zoom or the password to the protected webpage on Legacy International's website. I will set up my child's access to the internet/virtual camp in a place other than his/her bedroom. I will be aware of his/her background and what/who is visible/audible. I release Legacy International from any responsibility for use of internet searches outside of camp channels. I agree to talk to my child about being online, such as safety, online searches, oversharing and cyberbullying. I give permission for my child to virtually attend 2020 Virtual Global Youth Village and participate in the scheduled program. I recognize the possible risk involved for my child in participating in online activities, including risks associated with online piracy, security, and invasion of privacy. I release, discharge, and otherwise agree to indemnify Legacy International, its affiliated organizations and sponsors, its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, and agents against any claim by or on behalf of myself or my minor child as a result of my child's participation in any program or activity sponsored, coordinated, or supervised by Legacy International. I give permission on behalf of myself and my minor child for photographs to be taken of my child to be used for publicity purposes by Legacy International. I [[consent]] agree on behalf of myself and my minor child that photographs are the property of Legacy International and Legacy International shall have the right to reproduce, publish in print, online, and/or via social media these photos and videos as they desire free and clear of any claims on my, or my minor child's, part. I further give permission and [[consent]] agree on behalf of myself and my minor child that any photographs may be published and used by Global Youth Village and Legacy International and its agents, to illustrate and promote the camp experience or Legacy International.
  • Our hope is that the Global Youth Village will be a place for students to make friends and find support. In order for Global Youth Village/TechGirls to be safe and enjoyable for everyone, there are some expectations to discuss with your child. 1. I will choose respectful dialogue while at Global Youth Village and provide my full attention when someone is speaking. I will not have other screens, apps or devices distracting me. 2. Discussion Boards: I understand that what is posted on the group discussion boards should be respected and as a student will not share or download the materials or thoughts shared by others outside of the virtual camp environment. 3. Personal Reflections: I understand that I will be responding to activities by offering personal reflection statements. These are offered in a closed system and are seen only be the staff facilitator who will respect my privacy. 4. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, smoking or tobacco products are not allowed during the hours of virtual camp. Global Youth Village has the right to remove a student from the TalentLMS platform or Zoom meeting without warning if the Director suspects these products have been used. 5. Sexual or suggestive behavior/comments/conversations is not appropriate or acceptable at Global Youth Village. 6. Students will only use the TalentLMS and Zoom platforms to contact staff and fellow participants during the scheduled camp times. 7. Screenshots, recording, and private, separate chats are not allowed during virtual camp sessions. 8.I will ensure my background will be not distracting and appropriate, such as, but not limited to, a blank wall, virtual background image, a favorite spot in nature, or the poster provided by Global Youth Village. 7. I will follow the guidelines for appropriate chat conversations: If you ever feel uncomfortable, tell your trusted adult No secrets. (Surprises are different. Surprises make us feel good and are intended to share eventually. Secrets are not ever meant to share and can feel bad.) Good messages are ones that parents/guardians are excited to see and hear and the person sharing it with you would want your parents/guardians to see and hear the message. Cussing, swearing and foul language is not acceptable at Global Youth Village.
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