For those registered - Choose Your Pathway by June 7, 2021


Learning Pathways

The Virtual Global Youth Village includes Pathway groups where participants are divided into subsets of 10-18 individuals to explore specialized areas of interest.

In addition to daily activities within your pathway, we have Bonus Feature Fridays where you can meet people from other pathways for fun activities, and two All-Village meetings (one at the beginning and one at the end of the program).

There are three Pathways to choose from:

  • Helping Hands - Social Justice and Service for all - Students explore areas of needs in their communities and the importance and benefits of volunteerism. They create digital campaigns to raise awareness of social justice issuess, work 20+ hours with a local community service agency, or develop projects of their own with peers.  See how the 2020 teams are putting ideas into action.
  • Crossing Cultures through the Arts - Students explore approaches and techniques to thinking like an artist by sharing public art works in their communities and discussing the power of art in unifying or dividing people within society. Students then create their own works of art on the theme of building social cohesion. Check out the 2020 team's work!
  • (You)Nited Nations and  the Sustainable Development Goals in Action - Students explore which global goals critically affect youth development. Education, climate change, unemployment, poverty, gender inequality, conflict, and migration are on the top of the list.  They develop ways to to engage youth in their communities to address the SDGs.  This pathway builds a platform for discussion, includes hands-on activities, and creates the conditions for active engagement. Check out the 2020 video



Virtual GYV Pathways

Tell us your preference by selecting your first, second and third option for Pathway. If we receive everyone's forms by June 7, we hope to share the Pathway lists and schedules by June 15.
  • Pathway Selection: There are three pathways to chose from and each student will be placed in one pathway. Indicate below your top three choices.