When we asked U.S and Iraqi teens participating in the Global Youth Village , this question, they said:
1) Dancing!  The Iraqis taught us Kurdish line dances , and we taught them the cha-cha slide
2) We all want the effects of war to be alleviated.
3) We want to learn about each other.
4) Competitive nature – we’re constantly playing games and sports.
5) Tolerance.
6) Creativity
7) We listen to the same music, and are having fun singing together.
8) Friendship.
9) We actually share a similar culture.
10) We’re teenagers!
11) We all love movies.
12) We have had difficult life experiences and have survived.
13) Ice cream!
14) We all use Facebook.
15) We all plan  to go college.
16) We have hope.
17) We want to live green!
18) We all believe we should do our part not to waste food and help alleviate world hunger.
19) We all like pizza.
20) We brought the same kind of pajamas to GYV.
21) We want to change the world, and our communities.
22) We like making art together.
23) We like to sleep.
24) We’re into fashion and design.
25) We want to be good mothers and fathers
26) We’re building peace at GYV!

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