Collected from Iraqi, American, and other International Participants and Staff

  1. New Dance moves
  2. How to communicate – with and without language
  3. The Iraqis know as much about American music as the Americans do
  4. How to do Henna tattoos
  5. How to write our names in Arabic
  6. We all enjoy Peace building – yesterday one class was literally building
  7. How to make some of the new sounds in Arabic
  8. Jewelry making
  9. How to dance the Chobi (Iraqi dance)
  10. Telling time in Arabic
  11. How to ask for someone’s number in several languages
  12. Book cover making and decoupage
  13. That everyone’s experience of conflict is different
  14. Ping pong techniques
  15. How to say “hello” and “thank you” in lots of different languages
  16. The Iraqis speak Kurdish, Assyrian, and some European languages, in addition to Arabic
  17. About Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr.
  18. Yellah!  (Arabic for “Let’s Go!”)
  19. The way we tell dates is different – the Iraqis say the day first, then the month, and Americans do the opposite
  20. We all like the same music
  21. There is no verb “to be” in Arabic
  22. How to make collages
  23. Improving our English
  24. How to make tacos
  25. What guacamole is
  26. How to do paper mache
  27. That Iraqi families tend to be larger, and sometimes extended families all share one large house
  28. Iraqi weddings are HUGE!
  29. That not all Iraqis are Muslim and not all Americans are Christian
  30. That we all like to play soccer!