Name: Aiman Yedigeyeva Aiman Y


Years in GYV as a Participant: 2003

Education: MSc Economics, Finance, and Management/University of Bristol

Recent/Current Occupation: Analyst at Oliver Wyman projects in Central Asia

Most Interesting Country(s) Visited: Catalonia, UK, Uzbekistan

Favorite GYV Memory: Tricky question!!! 🙂 It may also have to be due to excitement of being abroad, and to America, for the first time, but I have quite a few favorite ones. I enjoyed being there and liked everything – establishing “family” in years to come (we still keep in touch and visit each other), broadening my outlook on many issues in the world that as 15 year old I didn’t care about until GYV (workshops, sessions), celebrating world diversity (talks, fun nights, cultural events), and enjoying being young – through recreational activities.

Volunteer/ Civic Engagement Activities: I am a member of a volunteer organization, with broad focus on social impact – we help orphans, organize open lectures on various subjects to students, do job fairs, hold discussion clubs with community leaders as guests, and much more.

Interesting Biography Info to Share: I am chief organizer of the first TEDx talks event in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana.  🙂