Harun & Friends GYV 2006

Harun (third from left) with new friends at GYV

Name: Harun All Rosid Sahrun

Nationality: Indonesian

Years as a GYV Participant: 2006

Education: Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta,  Indonesia

Recent/Current Education: Instructor/ Student in the Dept.Of Computer Science

Most Interest Country Visited: USA


Favorite GYV Memories:

– presenting Indonesian Culture & Tradition on the GYV stage with friends from around the world
– World Interfaith Dialogue with Mr. Rash (founder)
– Afternoon Electives,Composing haiku, learning poetry
– Sport tournaments!

Volunteer/Civic Engagement Activities:

I train trainers who work with the disabled. We work with people that have cerebral palsy, and many other types of handicaps. It is hard but rewarding work.

Interest Biography to share:

Well,  I was born and raised in Mataram, Indonesia and was here my whole life before I came to the U.S./GYV on a State Department grant.  I learned a lot of really good values at GYV; I became more open-minded and tolerant as a result of participating in the program.  I started paying more attention to problems in my hometown and looked for ways I could help. It was truly a life-changing experience.