Name: Kali Block-Steele

Kali exploring Europe in 2012

Kali exploring Europe in 2012

Nationality: USA

Year as a GYV Participant: 2008

Education: Will graduate in May 2013 from Skidmore College (upstate NY)

Current Occupation: Student

Most interesting Country (s) Visited: Turkey, Ghana, Spain, St. Croix

Favorite GYV Memory: Laying out on the soccer field with all my friends from Iraq and the U.S. after an emotional closing activity.  To just be, looking at all the stars, laughing and joking, sharing stories with one another. That is a night I won’t forget.

Interesting Biographical Info:  An avid activist of Love, I remain as active in the outside world as I do with my inner world. As I have grown these past few years through travel, education and self reflection I have come to realize that in order to truly change the world, you must start with yourself. So each day, each moment I work to make myself better than I was before. I eat better, nourish and care for my body, mind, soul, spirit, meditate, and follow the guidance of my Heart. GYV started me off on a journey that won’t end, it merely takes on new form. Thanks to GYV I opened my mind and heart to new possibilities and that has encouraged me to reach for the stars. Any opportunity that arises to travel the world, engage with new people or ideas, experience something outside of my comfort zone, I grab it. That is the GYV in me at work.

Never be afraid to let your light shine. This world needs your unique light!