Orientation Day at GYV is probably one of the busiest days of the week. This morning, GYV founder Mr. J.E. Rash addressed participants and staff on the importance of recognizing, affirming and responding to universal human values: love, patience, tolerance, understanding, justice, compassion, joy, etc. Mr. Rash stressed that these are values that people can identify with in some way, no matter where they come from or where they live. Of course these values are expressed differently around the world, but they are universal…and this is what connects humanity. Mr. Rash also encouraged the group not to become discouraged in their efforts to create peace… or give up on their own personal dreams.

This was followed up by the classic, mind-bending GYV values exercise.

Participants are given a list of 19 universal human values: material comfort, excitement, sense of accomplishment, health, beauty, equality, freedom, happiness, success, family, mature love, peace,religion/spirituality, self-respect, popularity/acceptance, friendship, wisdom, physical attractiveness, and integrity. They also have the option of adding values that are not on the list.

Then comes the hard part. Values on the list  need to be ranked….from what is most important to you to what is least important…and participants express/report their findings to the group. It inevitably leads to some very good discussions and insights!

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Can you give this exercise a try? List these values from most important to least important and see what YOU come up with!!

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