GYV Staff/Participant during:  1983, 1984, 1985

Staff: 1993

Education:  BA in Environmental Science from University of Virginia;  M.Ed from George Mason University

Employment:  Currently, I’m working as Executive Director at Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment.

Favorite GYV Memory: I remember meeting my cabin mates on the first night in Cabin Irene and being so amazed to talk to people who lived in Israel and Africa.

Most interesting country visited: My husband and I spent 4 weeks in Kenya and Tanzania in 1996.

Biography:  I grew up in Maryland outside of Washington DC and now live in Northern Virginia where I’ve lived for 14 years. I now live in Arlington with my husband, Rick, and two daughters, Audrey and Brita. I’ve worked in the environmental field since I graduated from college. After working in consulting, I worked for a national nonprofit doing teacher training and curriculum development. Currently, I work for a community nonprofit that does environmental education. We do programs in the schools, community outreach, advocacy on local policy, and community service. My free time activities include reading, cooking, bicycling, and the outdoors.


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