Spencer with his younger brother

Spencer with his younger brother

Name: Spencer Sallee

Nationality: Asian  American

Years participated: Participant 2006,2007

Education: Sophomore at Drexel University

Occupation: Student

Most interesting country visited: Guatemala

Favorite GYV memory: To call out one memory out of two years of participating at Global Youth Village is harder than I ever thought it would be. Whenever I think about GYV I automatically think of all the amazing people I met and had the privilege of calling my friends. Every person I met had perspectives that caused me to see the world in a different light.    Beyond that I remember all the sharing nights which were all about the laughs and the amazing talents everyone had.   As well as just talking with everyone and having a great time day in and day out no matter what was going on.

Volunteer experience since GYV: Ever since GYV I have been volunteering on and off in different hospitals in my area and just trying to help those that may need it.  As well as volunteering with a club known as Best Buddies. With Best Buddies you work with special needs children and make a friendship with them.  All these volunteer experiences have been fantastic and I will continue to work with these groups.   This past winter break, I went down to Guatemala and volunteered in helping clean up neighborhoods, give out food, and just play with the different kids in the village.

Biography:   I am enjoying my time at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.  I am studying to be a Physical Therapist.  I was born and raised in Washington D.C.  I went to high school in a public school in Bethesda, MD.  I enjoy playing sports such as lacrosse and soccer. I enjoy all kinds of music and never really had a favorite. These days I  spend my time at Drexel, hanging out with friends, playing sports, exploring the city, and seeing whatever else Philadelphia can offer for entertainment