Arin-GName: Arin Goldberg

Nationality: USA

Years participated: Participant 1986, 1987, 1988

Education: I studied Physics and Computer Science at the University of Washington (Seattle)

Occupation: Program Manager, Speech Recognition Platform, Microsoft

Most interesting country visited: South Korea

Favorite GYV Memory: There are too many to list, but some that jump out are:
·        Spending lots of time with Alan Larson learning about amateur radio and getting my license (I actually earned three different levels of radio license over my years at Legacy).

·        Putting up a large water storage tank with Gavin Dock as part of an “Appropriate Technology” session (1988)

·        Rock climbing and repelling as part of an “Adventure” session (1986)

Volunteer experience since GYV:
Over the years I’ve volunteered for many different local organizations. Most recently I brought my oldest daughter along when we used an XRF analyzer to help test donated toys for heavy metals and other toxic substances before they were given to children in need.

I was born and raised in Stony Brook, NY (on Long Island). For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for technology; I was a tinkerer and loved to understand how things worked. My time at Legacy gave me a better understanding of the world and allowed me to explore my passion while I got my amateur radio license (my first year there I earned my Novice radio license).

I graduated from High School in January of 1991 and in June I moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington.  A few weeks after arriving in Seattle, I was introduced to computers and the internet (the internet was a bit smaller in 1991) where people were communicating with each other from around the world (much like ham radio).  I studied Physics, but I always found myself focusing on the computer programming assignments.  In 1993 I met Kasey (who was also a student at the UW) and in 1995 we were married.

As students, we struggled financially so in early 1996 I  left school to work doing web development. By early 1997 I found myself working full-time at Microsoft as a Program Manager in the developer tools division. Kasey and I had always wanted three children; one adopted and two natural.  In 1999 we adopted our first child; Clara (she was 11 months old at the time).  In 2000, I moved into the Speech Components Group and became the Program Manager for the speech platform (SAPI).  In 2001, I moved to the newly formed Tablet PC group and became the Program Manager for the tablet platform. Our second child, Alice, was born in 2004 and our third, Jack, arrived in 2006. I moved back to the Speech group in 2007 where I work today as the Program Manager for the speech platform.

It’s hard to believe it’s been over 20 years since I was last in Bedford.  I still have many fond memories of my time at Legacy and hope to send at least one of my children there in the coming years.  In the last few years I’ve gotten back in touch with several friends from Legacy and would love to catch up with more; please contact me at or

Arin Goldberg's Kids

Arin’s kids from left to right: Alice, Jack and Clara