Workshops are underway at GYV! Interesting discussions are taking place and new insights are unfolding. Elective cycle 1 has also started. Offerings are: voice (with renowned opera singer and vocal coach Charles Williams), yoga, mask-making, American Sign Language (ASL), Arabic/English, campfire skills, and baseball!  Everyone is learning something new.

Last night during Arts Night, participants engaged in jewelry making, portrait drawing, and a variety of other  activities. Last night was Wacky Games night which is a terrific team building exercise. We take our team building seriously at GYV! 🙂 This year’s Wacky Games included the usual games: toilet paper mummy race and wacky relays, tongue twister contest,GYV jeopardy, and new games like find and eat the gummy worm in whip cream contest. Enjoy the video!

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