Tonight is Arts Night at the Village and  participants have the opportunity to work on various arts projects of their choice.  Mural painting, yarn art, mask making, drawing, painting, tile painting, hemp jewelry making, tie dye are usually offered.  Arts Night is a relaxing evening where creativity just flows and beautiful art is produced.

In general, the arts have always played a big role in the Global Youth Village international summer camp experience. Since the camp was founded 33 years ago, theater, music, dance, voice, painting and pottery have all been integral elements of the program.  We have pottery and art studio on the camp grounds. Participants are always encouraged to try something new and give it their best shot; they are often surprised at what they can achieve.

Our arts coordinator this summer is Kristin Winter! She is also  the  counselor for Cabin Paz.   Kristin is  from Vancouver, Canada and is moving to  New York City this fall to begin a degree at NYU in art therapy.  Kristin is a skilled artist and she is very happy to share her expertise with participants at GYV!