Participants in the 2011 Global Youth Village international summer program were asked:“What does it take to be a Global Citizen?”

Here are some of their thoughts on “What does it take to be a Global Citizen?” :

1.  Realizing that if we are creative we can find better ways to share natural resources

2.  Really listening to others and even if you don’t agree with their point of view realize you gain something from giving people the space to share perspectives

3.  Remembering that change is constant  and at the same time  traditions and our heritage are  important elements to maintain

4.   Experiencing others through  travel and if you can’t travel, then communicate with people via the web

5.  Recognizing that a  global citizen has to take responsibility not only for him or herself but for others.

6.  Cultivating confidence, serenity and contentment.

7. Having an expansive mind and understanding that there are universal  values that underlie all cultures.

During different Morning Workshops each summer, youth from around the world actively engage in discussing compelling questions.  Through practicing deep listening skills, critical thinking  and using  techniques for effective dialogue, you  return  to your own community with new abilities to promote change – that is part of the GYV philosophy and goals.