One of the best experiences I had at GYV was the morning workshop time. Our environmental focused workshop was my first each morning. The energy in that room alone was enough to jolt me awake. Our workshop instructor brought out the best in all of us. Not only did we learn super cool lessons about the environment (I’m a science nerd) but our instructor always connected those lessons to real life. We participated in simulations of actual controversies involving the environment, and boy, they would get intense! There were a lot of people with passionate opinions, but we always knew we could laugh together when we stepped out of our fictional roles. At the end of each debate, we knew we could find support and learn from the different perspectives our friends shared about changing our communities.


I have always cared about the environment but my instructor inspired me to make a difference in it. It doesn’t matter if that difference seems small to me. This workshop also altered my experience at GYV because it helped turn my acquaintances into family.


Environmental Workshop 1

Environmental Workshop 2