As I take in the twinkling lights hanging from the tent, as I inhale the summer’s night air, I realize that people often wait for the perfect moment. Most, take their ideas, dreams, and inventions to the grave with them. People stop growing.



This wasn’t the case during Art’s night. That night we lit our wishes up for the world to see. We colored the Earth itself with our creativity. We laughed and danced with not a worry in the world, because Arts night was about unleashing the pure colors of our souls. Most live half alive. I know I did until I was touched by the beauty of these people. I had evolved into the person I was meant to be. Because just one word, one person, one moment, one night can make the biggest difference and change your entire world.

Arts night 2

For Arts night in session 2, participants learned about each other’s’ dreams for peace and inscribed them on lamps to glow through the night. This was community: hoping for and with each other, determining to create a better future. 

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