Creative writing is one of the electives offered this session. Youth are exploring all kinds of writing including blogging.   Today, half the group wrote short stories based on their memories and the other half blogged. Here is a sample of the blog posts written today.

Maggie Yazzie, 18, Crow/Navajo

The day I arrived at GYV was a new beginning; not many Native Americans can say they meet and had an experience to interact with other cultures around the world. But I’m thankful for having the chance to be here and enjoy the meeting new people, learning a different phrase everyday, connecting to people who have the same similarities as my own culture and being able to relate too many of the new friends I have made.

I’m the only one here representing my Native American culture, but there are also other individuals who are representing their cultures as well. This is  truly a significant experience for me.

Bamo Ismael, 16, Iraq

How to fall asleep in the Cabins! Sleeping in GYV is very hard. Here are some tips that you can use to sleep. First, wait until the lights are turned off. Second, go to bed, and then close your eyes. Third, try to think about something random, and find a rhythm in the cicadas. After a while, you will most likely forget the heat and  just pass out.  If that doesn’t work, one of the other GYVers says that they try to clear their mind and and count backwards from 100.

Zainab Poonawalla, 17, India/US

Life at GYV is very different than life at home. Every day is an adventure. There are so many activities for us to do, and it seems that 10 days  just won’t be enough to learn everything and meet everyone. The days go by so quickly! When I learned that today was already Friday, I was so upset because there is so much I want to do. Time just isn’t keeping up. But the part that I love most about GYV, are the people. Talking to everyone about their lifestyles back home is very intriguing, because it’s so different from what I am used to. The evening programs are also very pleasurable. Yesterday was Wacky Games Night, and I must say, that was the best night that I had my time here in GYV (so far). I am sure that as time goes on, I will like it even more here at GYV, but as if right now, the Wacky Games was one of my best experiences here!