A day at Global Youth Village international summer camp is like a full week; the days are busy and packed with many fun and exciting activities.

As mentioned in the previous blog post, participants discussed universal human values. During this absorbing exercise, students came up with a list of 18 universal human values (which ranged from health, to peace,  to material comfort etc) and had to rank which value was most important to them, which value ranked in the middle, and which value was least important to them  and state reasons why. It is a meaningful opportunity for participants to share their thoughts about issues that matter to them.


Last night’s evening program was Folktale Night-a classic GYV tradition. Participants are given an international folktale and costumes and they have 45 minutes to rehearse before acting it out for their peers! There are usually a lot of laughs and everyone learns something new from the moral in each folktale.  Photos to be posted tomorrow. Folktale Night is  a good opportunity to practice some leadership and teamwork skills. Here is a  sample video from a Russian Folktale, The Turnip, from Session B.


As an introduction today during the morning Peace Building workshops, participants discussed their names…the meaning or significance behind their names. As the week progresses, they will be  working on  improving their listening and communication skills as they  learn mediation and conflict resolution techniques. Participants also have the opportunity to select another workshop of their choice: Crossing Cultures Through the Arts (theater based ) or Community Health (public health focus).

Tonight, participants had a terrific time during the evening program which was an educational presentation and performance on the history of jazz by Brass 5. Here are a few photos from the past 2 days.