It has been an action packed week at GYV!! Folktale Night was a big hit. Folktale Night is a classic GYV tradition that is a great team building exercise. Participants are given a folktale, costumes, and 1 hour to work together before they act out the folktale in front of each other during the evening program on the outdoor stage. The folktales that were presented this session were: The Turnip, The Story of Colors, and The Lamb with the Golden Fleece.  Here is a short clip from ‘The Story of Colors’.

[framed_video column=”two-thirds”][/framed_video]

Participants have really been enjoying the Arts Studio a great deal this session…sometimes even favoring it over the pool on a hot afternoon. Arts Night was a big success and ended with an impromptu dance party which featured different line dances (Cuban Shuffle, Electric Slide etc).

Another classic GYV tradition we had this week is the Wacky Games night. The staff dress up in ridiculous costumes complete with colored wigs, divide the team into groups and lead each group. The theme this year was partially based on the popular book/movie series ‘The Hunger Games.’  Participants come up with creative team cheer and spend the evening doing wacky relay races like skipping across the field, putting their head on a bat and spinning around it 10 times before attempting to skip back down the field in a straight line. Other feats of silliness include tongue twisters in English, Spanish, and Arabic, musical chairs, find the gummy worm in whipped cream and marble search. Marble search included putting your feet in a kiddy pool filled with icy cold water and trying to extract as many marbles from the pool with your toes!! It was a memorable night for all!

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Workshops are also going well. The Community Health Workshop is giving a broad overview of global health issues this week and next week will involve some research and filming of Public Service Announcements. The Social Change workshop is really inspiring participants to think about the role(s) they want to play in creating a better future for themselves and their communities. Specific comments and insights from workshops will be shared soon.

Stay tuned!!