Global Youth Village cabin counselors are diverse in nationality, culture, language ability, approaches to youth work, and communication styles.

Each cabin is home to six to ten youths and one counselor.

Cabin life is at the foundation of creating an open and accepting environment where individuals can feel secure and comfortable.

The counseling team consists of the Counseling Coordinator and live-in counselors.  This team works together to promote sensitivity to other cultures, encourage personal development, and ensure safety. They provide role models of service, cooperation, care, and respect.

Previous experience as counselors with youth is preferred. Other important qualities include an ability to assess and adjust group dynamics and handle numerous details on a day-to-day basis.

All cabin counselors, in addition to tending to the needs of their cabin groups, fulfill one or more of the various programmatic, administrative or support roles needed at the GYV.  These secondary roles also allow the counseling staff to interact with the young people in different ways, outside of the cabin.

For more details, please review the counselor job description.