In December 2010, Tunisian vegetable seller Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire and unwittingly became the catalyst for the Tunisian Revolution and the subsequent Arab Spring. This week marks the anniversary of the amazing Egyptian Revolution in Tahrir Square.  In general, 2011 was a year of paradigm shifts around the world. Governments were toppled in the Middle East and North Africa, Occupy movements were born in the United States and many cities around the world, and civil unrest erupted in Russia as thousands take to streets protesting election fraud.  One can smell the impending wave of change in the air.

Occupy Movement

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In 2012, this paradigm shift looks set to continue.  What are your thoughts on the shift? What kind of changes would you like to see take place? To help you process these issues, we’ve created a short 4-question survey.  Tell us what’s on your mind. We’ll share results with you in February!

Mohammed Bouazizi, initiator of the Arab Spring