In our February newsletter, we asked readers to take a “Change You Wish To See” survey that collected your thoughts and opinions on the major global shifts that are currently taking place. Check out  the results.

Question 1 
Do you think the paradigm shift that began in 2011 will lead to positive change in 2012?  
33.3 %  answered “Yes, Definitely”
66.7% answered “Yes, but there will be periods of instability.
Question 2
Has this wave of change encouraged you to be more involved? In what ways have you made a difference? 
66.67 % use social media to make a difference
33.3%    try to stay informed

Question 3

What do you think are the top 3 pressing global issues that need the MOST attention in 2012? 33.3 %  Eurozone Financial Crisis
33.3 %  Middle East Upheaval
33.3 %  Gap between rich and poor
Question 4

What specific changes do you want to see take place in 2012?

Some of you wanted to see corruption disappear in 2012. Others wanted policy makers and leaders to pay more attention to climate change.