new-friendsAfter  numerous opportunities to engage in service work and advocacy training in the local area, CIP participants headed to Washington D.C.! They were curious about policy making and wanted to meeting with leaders in the non-profit and governmental sectors in order to better understand how policies are shaped.

Here is a list of places visited and volunteered at in Southwest VA:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • RAM House (Soup Kitchen)
  • Rescue Mission (Homeless Shelter)
  • Feeding America
  • United Way
  • Red Cross

Places visited in Washington D.C.:

  • United States Capitol
  • USAID-Office of Foreign Disaster and Assistance
  • Corporation for National Service (Americorps and Conservation Corps)
  • Library of Congress
  • Congressman Bobby Rush’s Office

Participant Catherine Afagbegee, from Ethiopia/Ghana said, ” I was so inspired by our visit to Corporation for National Service (CNS). We were introduced to Americorps and the concept of national service; I had no idea that it existed before this visit. I realized that an organization like Americorps was something that I would definitely want to be involved in…and something I would be interested in helping to establish back home.”