Yesterday, marked the halfway point of Session C. Time flies when you’re having fun. Our Peace Building instructors facilitated the meeting and it was an excellent opportunity  for everyone to practice all of the useful listening and  mediation skills they are  learning in the Peace Building workshop. Participants were grateful for the opportunity and came up with ideas on things they wanted to improve about themselves and the program for the next 5 days. Read about the flow of a typical community meeting written by staff member Sara Rose Jensen who served as youth coordinator in 2011.

Participants continue to make new friends and make close bonds with one another.  Many people wonder how bonding/a strong sense of community  can happen so quickly. Global Youth Village director Mary Helmig explains how community building takes place at GYV and why it is so effective.


Today also marks the 5th day of the month of Ramadan. Many participants at GYV this summer are from Iraq and are Muslims so we have a few who are observing a 15-hour fast from food and water.  Non-Muslim participants have had questions about the practice and the program will be having a campus wide iftar (break fast meal) tonight after sunset in solidarity with the participants who are fasting.