Marcello Rizzo GYV 1985 alum

Name: Marcello Rizzo

Nationality: Brazilian

GYV Participant during: 1985

Education: BA & MBA University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Occupation: Strategic Planning Manager

Most Interesting Country Visited: Chile

Favorite GYV Memory: It was all a lot of fun and I still vividly remember those days. I got in touch with and shared experiences with people from different parts of the world. Hanging out in the bubble and watching cultural presentations with everyone still brings me good memories.

Volunteer/Civic Engagement Activities since Global Youth Village: I’ve taught business entrepreneurship to low-income kids and cooperated with the Red Cross to relieve people both in the flooded areas and arid places.


I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and during my teenager years I’ve spent lots of time practicing sports such as basketball, judo, gymnastics, track & field, water polo, and rugby. In 1998 I finished my BA degree in business with a major in Market Research. Two MBAs at University of Sao Paulo came later: Project Administration, Knowledge, Technology and Innovation. I’m interested in geopolitical studies, international relations and pan-American history. Currently, I’m in charge of a Business Intelligence Department of a multinational risk consulting company. My son Alexandre (2.5 years old) and my wife Andrea are the loves of my life.  My experience at GYV allowed me to know other cultures and for sure changed for the better the way I face situations and gave me the ability to help people. If anyone is interested in contacting me for exchanging experiences or just get in touch to remember the time spent together, please write to Marcello Rizzo.