Fresh Spinach Salad – recipe submitted by Kelli Mansure (Staff 2008)

10 oz. Pkg. Fresh spinach

2 granny smith apples(peeled & sliced on hand grater)

½ c. Cashews


¼ c. Sugar

¼ c. Veggie oil

¼ c. Apple cider vinegar

¼ tsp. Garlic powder

¼ tsp. Celery salt

Combine first 3 ingredients in layers right before serving.  Blend dressing at least one hr. Ahead & refrigerate–your guests can determine the amount needed on individual salads.

Marinated Asparagus recipe submitted by Kelli Mansure (Staff 2008)

Ever so quickly blanch your preferred amount of young, skinny asparagus (al dante)

Let cool completely (on counter)

Pour balsamic dressing, italian dressing, etc (your choice of tang) & refrigerate until well chilled.

Spinach Stuffed Tofu – submitted by Mary Helmig GYV Director

This is a fancy way to serve a tofu entrée.  1 block of tofu will yield about 6 pieces.  Sometimes people eat 1-2 pieces so this might serve 3-4 people.  Youc an easily expand this recipe.

Step 1:  The tofu

Buy extra firm tofu and cut pieces about ½ inch thick.  With each piece then take your knife and make a pocket so you can stuff it with spinach mixture.  Make an opening along length and one across the width so you have an open flap.  Now you should marinate.  The longer you marinate the better.  I usually cut the tofu and marinate the night before but 6 hours is enough as well.  Marinade should cover tofu so increase amount below as needed.  I usually eyeball it.  Cook tofu at 350 with marinade for about 20 minutes and then take out of oven and let sit.

Marinade:      3 T Olive oil

                   ¾ cup soy sauce or tamari

                   1-2 T Garlic powder

                   1 T Onion powder or onion flakes             

                   1 tsp. thyme

                   3 cups water

                   2 dashes – liquid hickory smoke (if you like)


Step 2:  Spinach stuffing

Defrost and drain 1 package of frozen spinach

Mince 1 medium onion

Mince 3 large cloves of garlic

Sautee all ingredients.  Add salt, soy sauce, any kind of herb you like to taste.


Step 3: The final product

Drain the marinade off of the tofu

With a spoon stuff each tofu pocket being – roughly 1.5 T in each pocket or until it starts to feel to full.

Place stuffed tofu in a n oiled glass pyrex dish

Cook on high heat 400 degrees until it is nicely brown (maybe 20-25 minutes)

Serve as is or make a nice brown gravy to top it off.