Global Issues Night at the Global Youth Village international summer camp is always a very engaging, inspiring evening.  It has taken many different forms over the years. This year, three experienced staff members presented on a wide range of topics. Lorraine Warren is one of our Peace Building instructors and is trainer in Capacitar– a core program of energy-based healing practices that awaken and empower people. Lorraine held a 1 hour session on Capacitar with a group of 10 participants.

Ron is our master vegan chef and he made a presentation about  food/awareness, his journey in Iraq and Kuwait as an army medic, and linked it to his dramatic weight loss (2o0 lbs over 2 years).   Counselor and GYV alum Tommy Lee presented on HIV/AIDS. Many Iraqi participants had not heard of HIV/AIDS before or they had myths about the disease, so this was especially interesting for them. The theme of the evening was pubic health.  Participants Abdul Salaam, Farah, and Sara share what they learned in this video.