At Global Youth Village in 2013, we anticipate to once again have a diverse group of young people attending our international summer camp. Youth will be coming from all over the U.S. (California, New York,  Montana Maryland, Utah etc) as well as Russia, Iraq, Tunisia, Spain, etc. As we celebrate our diversity, we strive to come together to realize our shared similarities and values.

In many cases, there can be a great deal of diversity within a single country. This is very true of countries like Iraq. This year, unlike previous years, our Iraqi participants will be coming from all 18 provinces in Iraq! As many know, the north of Iraq differs greatly from the south of  the country  in many ways-ethnicity, culture, topography etc.

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As Iraq works to rebuild itself after years of war, it’s important the young Iraqis who attend the Global Youth Village come all areas  in Iraq; it is helpful for young Iraqis to appreciate the different ideas and perspectives that exist within their own country. In a nation that always seems to perch on the brink of civil war, youth who are aware, united and appreciative of the diversity within their own country can only be an asset.