General Responsibility

Managing food supplies (receiving deliveries, conducting inventories, stocking and rotating stock), keeping the walk- in organized and orderly.  Serving as a prep cook, assisting with dining hall set-up before meals.

 Responsible to:         Food Service Director (secondarily responsible to the cooks)


1.  Kitchen maintenance and up-keep tasks such as:

  • stocking, rotating stock and conducting regular inventories
  • making sure the GYV walk-in is orderly (includes checking for excess leftovers, placing in SOL walk-in for community use.)
  • empty trash, compost and recyclable on a regular basis
  • Kitchen laundry:  store when it is delivered. Prepare used linens for pick-up by laundry service.
  • receive and put away deliveries, helping unload truck as needed
  • wash pots, pans, dishes between meals (manual and machine wash)
  • make sure counters, sinks, and washing area are kept clean
  • mopping the floors in the storage areas and walk-in on a regular basis.

2.  Meal service duties:

  • delivers food to tables at the beginning of the meal, as needed
  • table setting prior to meal, as needed
  • assist in transport and set-up of weekly picnic, or food for other special events

3.  Assist in preparation of meals by performing any combination of the following tasks:

  • preparing vegetables and fruit, salads, breads, crackers, condiments, drinks, etc
  • prepare and/or assist with preparation of entrees, soup, side dishes, baked goods

4.  Prepare food for “take-out” as requested (for special guest needs, departure day bus, field trips, cabin nights, staff events.)

5.  Assist in any area of kitchen or dining hall, as requested by Food Service Director

6.  These are not the  only duties to be performed.  Some duties may be reassigned, and others may be assigned as required.

7.  Evaluate procedures and menu at end of season, making recommendations for next season


Essential Functions:

  1. Physical ability to lift, unload, move food and supplies including 25-pound bags of flour.
  2. Sensory ability to determine cleanliness of dishes, food contact surfaces, and kitchen area, in addition to assessing condition of food
  3. Cognitive and physical ability to operate electrical and mechanical kitchen equipment safely (dish washer, food processors, blenders)
  4. Physical ability & stamina to do physical work 8-10 hours/ day with intermittent breaks.