Cristina Matos Montenegro P’89, S’ 96

GYV Participant during:  1989 (Participant) and 1996 (Staff) 

Nationality: Brazilian

Education:   Federal University of Ceará

Major:  Law 

Most Interesting Country Visited:  Australia 

Favorite GYV Memory:  Everybody gather around in the Bubble after the end of the first session (in 1989) singing You’ve Got a Friend.  It was very emotional and unforgetable!! You make friends for the rest of your life!


I was born in 1975, in the City of Fortaleza, State of Ceará, in the Northeast Region of Brazil. I have one older sister, Marisa, and two younger brothers, Mateus and Victor. First time I traveled abroad was to Legacy in 1989 together with my cousin Raquel Montenegro. In 1995, I spent 5 months in London studying English and working as a nanny in a local family taking care of 3 kids. After this time, I traveled around Europe, backpacking with my sister and a cousin for another 3 months. I am passionate about traveling and knowing other countries, languages and culture, other than Europe, I have been to USA, Canada, Australia and Argentina. I have also worked for a year at UNICEF in Fortaleza when I was a law student. I graduated from Law School at the Federal University of Ceará, in 1998. For one and a half year I taught Contracts at Law School of the Federal University of Ceará (2004-2005). Nowadays, I work mostly with foreigners who are investing in real estate and tourist developments in the Northeast Region of Brazil.