Sorting produce at Feeding America

Are you 13-14 years old?  This unique international summer camp will open your eyes and help you become a global citizen. 

Morning workshops #1:  These highly interactive sessions help you develop your own leadership style as you and your new friends learn teamwork and critical inquiry skills.  You will look at what the United Nations has set out as Sustainable Development Goals for the year 20130 and specifically look at root causes of poverty, climate change and education initiatives.  You will be able to advocate for all these issues with a more comprehensive understanding. 

 Morning workshops #2:  Hands on exploration of other cultures and how the arts, language and sports can unite us. 

As part of the 14 day experience you will go out an do service projects in the local community and hike the Appalachian Trail. 

Read more about afternoon activities. 

In the garden learning about bee balm

Conquering the Zip Line

Come join us and start your journey to be a community and global peace builder.