Over the past few years, the global mobile Internet industry ushered in a new era of IM (instant messaging).  Youth can now use their mobile phone  to chat for free with people all over the world.

These applications enable people to communicate with their friends through text messaging and voice messaging. Additionally, people can share photos, music and videos with friends in these apps. All of those services have made mobile phone communication more convenient and instant.  Friends in different countries can even share their feelings  by using emoticons and animoticons (animated emoticons), compared to the traditional text messaging function.

Young generations are the main force of using social media. Here are the top three apps that young people from around the globe are using – they are great ways to keep in touch with all the new friends you meet at the Global Youth Village!

: The app has generated 500 million users* and most users are from America, South America, Europe, and Middle East.

wechatlogoWeChat: WeChat was created in China mainland in 2011 and now has 396 million active users* mainly in China.

line logoLINE: LINE was popular in South Korea and Japan. It was launched first in Japan in 2011 and amassed 400 million users* now.

These top three apps are very similar to each other in terms of their messaging functions and even logos—they all have green logos. However, the focuses of their services are different.

Compared to WhatsApp, WeChat also has functions like sharing location and name cards but it is more socialized than WhatsApp. WeChat has “Moments” function that enables users to share their thoughts, photos and posts. In addition, WeChat has public accounts that everyone can follow to get updated news and information. WhatsApp mainly focuses on instant messaging while WeChat tries to combine all the functions together in order to meet users’ needs in one single platform.

LINE also has public accounts but it targets mainly on young people, especially women as they offer lots of lovely stickers. Compared to WeChat, LINE focuses on internal communication other than interacting with other platform as WeChat does.

What apps and social media tools are popular in your country?  Do you use any of these apps to chat with friends in other countries? What app is your favorite?


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