GYV Youth9-day Indonesia-US Exchange Program

June 24-July 3

Have you ever met an Indonesian? If not, meet several passionate and dynamic ones this summer and discover what you have in common with people from halfway around the world. Share what is important to you and what you do for fun. In morning workshops, explore global environmental issues, discuss the basic principles of different faiths, and determine ways to encourage community involvement through volunteerism. An American and an Indonesian

  • Dates: June 24-July 3
  • Youth: 16 Indonesian youth and 20 American youth
  • Age: For those entering 9th-12th grade (ages 13-18)
  • Scholarship: Indonesian teens sponsored by US Department of State
  • Tuition: $1000  for all youths APPLY NOW

Building global peace through friendship11-day Peace-Building programs

July 6-July 16 & July 19-29

Join young Iraqis intent on re-building their futures for this unique program.  Gain skills in listening, prejudice reduction, conflict management, creative thinking and problem solving during the peace-building/dialogue workshop.   Choose a second morning workshop focused on the arts or environmental action.   Enjoy soccer,  pottery, yoga, badminton, volleyball, swimming, basketball, ping-pong, rock climbing and many other activities and bond through afternoon and evening events.  American and Iraqi youth gather before lunch

  • Dates: July 6-16 and July 19-29
  • Youth: 30 Iraqi youth, 20 US  and other internationals
  • Age: For those entering 10th-12th grade (ages 14-18)
  • Scholarship: Iraqi teens sponsored by US Department of State
  • Tuition: $1,200  for all youths APPLY NOW

Interested in our longer in-depth programs?   Learn more about our Crossing Cultures Programs,  June 24-July 16 and July 19-August 4.