Elena Nava, P’92-’93, S’94, writes:

“I’m still doing my PhD.  Just entered my last year. I’m working on my PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, and am currently interested in the plasticity of the auditory system, so basically dealing with the effects of deafferentation caused by deafness and its possible reafferentation through a neuroprosthetic device called cochlear implant. Am still puzzled about what to do then. Maybe I’ll try to get into more clinical aspects, such as working in hospitals with patients with several neurological diseases.  I still have a whole year to think about it!

I moved to Rovereto, a small town near Trento, a city in Northern Italy. It’s nice, just very small and with not many social opportunities (especially because I was used to Milan, definitely a huge city compared to this place!). But I’m doing really fine. I met so many new and interesting people, and the things I’m working on are really tough but so challenging and keep my mind fresh!

I haven’t heard from the GYV folks for ages. Wish I could hear from some of them. I only managed to get in touch with a couple of people through Facebook. Marwa  Hafez from Egypt, P’92, is married with the man she used to talk me about when I was 15 at Legacy, and has 3 beautiful children.”

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