The third and final session of Global Youth Village international summer camp has begun!! Our participants have all arrived safely and in our group of 44, they hail from 8 countries and 7 states!  Our staff come from all over the United States and the world- Slovakia, Turkey, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan and Morocco. It is a diverse group!

Tonight, after tasty pizza dinner, participants made their way up our big hill for our evening welcome program. There were many fun group building games on the soccer field. In one team building exercise, participants were split into large groups and were given the name of a  mode of transportation. They then had work together to act that mode of transportation out for their peers and the audience had to guess what it was. Can you guess what  modes of transportation are in the video below? (E-mail us if you want the correct answers!!) Founder and President Mr. J.E. Rash also addresses the participants for the first time.


Tomorrow is Orientation Day-a very busy day at the Village. Stay tuned!