Zamir Chargynov

Zamir Chargynov GYV ’01

“At GYV, I learned a great deal about social issues in the United States.  The organizations established to deal with these issues are a model I will try to put in place in my country.” – Zamir Chargynov, Kyrgyzstan

At GYV, you learn another language that is essential to your own success and to the success of the greater world. It’s called ‘Future.’ Young people are creating the future every day and if you know how to speak ‘Future’ and think critically about important global issues, you will not feel lost in the new world that is taking shape.

We live in a globalized world. HIV/AIDS, genocide, food security, climate change, Syrian Unrest, and terrorism are just a few of the global issues that affect millions of people around the world. Connect the dots. Broaden your thinking. Gain new perspectives on global issues and come away with more information and knowledge than you ever imagined.  At the Village, you will meet other young people who have experienced these global issues first hand and hear how your friends have been affected. Have passionate discussions and be inspired by your friends’ stories. Make Global Issues alive at GYV!