Wondering what kind of conversations you might have with another participant at GYV? Wondering about cultural similarities between you and other global citizens?

GYV Alumni, Syahrial Saputral is from from South Sumatra (Sumatra Island), Indonesia and was part of Legacy International’s  Indonesian Youth Leadership Program.  He attended the Global Youth Village’s  cultural immersion program in 2009.

Syahrial’s classmates

Syahrial from Indonesia shares the following with you.

I live far away from my family at my boarding school. It’s about ten hours driving by car. I live in a flat now.  I am in my last year of high school.

My usual day goes like this:


  • 4.30 : wake up and pray
  • 5.00 : prepare everything including my breakfast
  • 6.00 : go to school
  • 6.25 : bell ringing
  • 6.30 : morning ceremony and pray
  • 7.00 : classes begin
  • 10-10.30 : break time 🙂
  • 10:30-1:15pm : classes
  • 1.15-2 pm : break for lunch and pray
  • 2 pm – 4.30 pm :classes
  • 4.30 pm :afternoon ceremony
  • 5 pm :  time to go back home.

My school is one of best school in my province, so the system is little bit different than other schools which end at 1pm.In my first year of high school, I took all the subjects offered by school.

This is required:

  • English
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • math
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • geography
  • economic
  • sociology
  • ICT (information communication and technology)
  • sports
  • religion
  • art
  • physics

In my last year there is no art, economics, geography, or sociology.  I  take a couple of science subjects and other compulsary subjects (English, math, Indonesian).

Interested in participating in this year’s cultural immersion program? Our Crossing Cultures Program will include Indonesian youths and well as internationals from around the world.