Gonzo Ocampo, GYV '14, reports on the food at GYV, prepared by master Chef Ron

Gonzo Ocampo, GYV ’14, reports on the food at GYV, prepared by master Chef Ron

By: Gonzo Ocampo, GYV ’14

Chef Ron has been providing GYV Participants with exquisite cuisine for the past three summer. After working as a bus boy and at fast food places, he climbed his way up the food industry, spending 10 years opening restaurants and a total of 25 years in the industry.  Each summer, chef Ron shows his love and passion for good food by leading the GYV Dining Experience.

Chef Ron describes GYV’s food as “both comforting and mind-opening.”  “Its designed precisely for teens.” he says.  Chef Ron shows his love and passion through food. He also enjoys the opportunity to get know youth from around the world.

His favorite types of foods to prepare are Indian, because of its spices, and Thai, because of its freshness. Ron also firmly believes in “macrobiotic meals”, which consist of beans, greens, grains, and pickles, all which help process and break down the food in the stomach.

GYV participants and staff see Ron’s creativity, passion, and knowledge every day at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Empty plates and bowls at the end of every meal show that his work is greatly appreciate.

Ron not only supplies GYV with the energy necessary to make it through the day – he making eating a true EXPERIENCE.  For that, we are thankful!

Read more about International Dining at GYV, click here: http://globalyouthvillage.org/participate/international-dining/

Are you a GYV alumna/us?  What was your favorite part of the Dining Experience?