staff feed watermelon raceEach year, the Global Youth Village hires approximately 3-5 international staff.  These staff, in combination with the diverse US staff and their international experiences, provides GYV Villagers with a wealth of varied perspectives and experiences.
International staff come to the GYV in one of three ways:
1.  Apply to GYV via an “Exchange Visitors Program”.

If you have already applied to work at a U.S. camp through an exchange visitors’ programs (Camp Counselors USA, InterExchange, Camp America, CIEE, or others), please send GYV an email ( noting what agency you applied to, and your application number.  GYV will review your application to see if we have a position open to consider you for and contact you regarding next steps.  (Please also visit the US State Department’s J-1 visa web page.)

2. Apply directly to GYV. 

NOTE: International applicants wishing to apply directly to GYV are only consider through March, unless already in the U.S.

International candidates fill out a GYV staff application, submit two reference forms, and are interviewed by a GYV representative before a final decision is made.  If a job offer is made by GYV, we will “sponsor” the person for a summer work visa (J-1) through one of several “Exchange Visitors Programs” (as noted above). Details on how the visa application process works is discussed at the time of interview or if a job offer is made. Salary and benefits are similar to U.S. staff, with some additions:

  • GYV assists international staff in obtaining their visas, reimbursing for administrative fees associated with the J-1 visa. (This includes reimbursement for the fee charged by the US Embassy at the time of visa interview, which is about $160 USD.).  GYV does NOT reimburse for travel costs incurred in securing the visa, such a travel to the U.S. Embassy or consulate in your country.
  • Medical insurance for the duration of one’s work period at GYV.  This includes medical evacuation and other benefits.  (It does not cover pre-existing conditions.)
  • Please note:  staff are responsible for their own transportation costs to GYV.  If you apply through another exchanges visitors program, these terms may differ.  These programs typically cover international airfare, but your stipend may be less than if you apply directly to GYV.  GYV also does not require an application fee as many of these programs do.  The net financial results, whether you apply directly to GYV or via another program, is approximately the same.
Additional details about working in the US as an Exchange Visitor terms set by the U.S. government for Exchange Visitors include:
  • When you receive a J-1 visa, it permits you to work in the U.S. as a camp counselor and receive a small amount of financial support. It does not allow you to work elsewhere in the U.S.  It is specific for working in a summer camp.
  • You are permitted to travel in the U.S. for up to 30 days after completing work at camp.
  • You must return to your home country at the end of the allotted time. It is not possible to extend J-1 visas.
3. If you are an international student, currently studying in the U.S. (F-1 visa)

Legacy can also consider your application.  Please contact us ( for details or discuss with your university’s international advisor about “off campus work authorization” for the summer months. 

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