Wondering what kind of conversations you might have with another participant at GYV? Wondering about cultural similarities between you and other global citizens?

GYV Alumni,  Kawther Fadhil P’11 is from Al-Hilla, Iraq and was part of Legacy International’s  Iraqi Youth Leadership Exchange Program. She attended the Global Youth Village’s  cultural immersion program in 2011.

Kawther  shares the following with you:

I live  in Hilla, Iraq and I attend a public school. Al-Hilla is a smaller city in the center of Iraq, south of Baghdad. There was a lot of fighting there during the war but it’s more safe now.  Hilla is on a branch of the Euphrates river and in the province of Babylon.  The famous ruins of Babylon are nearby and the prophet Ezekiel is supposedly buried here.

My usual day goes like this:

    • 6:45: wake up
    • 7:00: prepare everything including my breakfast (usually bread, cheese, tea)
    • 7:45: go to school (by private taxi)
    • 8:00: classes begin
    • 8:00-1:00  classes (physics, chemistry, Qu’ran, French, English, math, biology with 5-minute breaks in between)
    • 1:00:  School is over for the day
    • 1:30: lunch at home (usually dolmas, rice, soup, chicken or fish)
    • 2-4: Break/Siesta
    • 4-10: Homework Time (we get loads of homework)

We leave school at 1 PM due to some security concerns.  We have 7 lessons each day, except for Wednesdays and Thursdays when we have 6 lessons. Hilla is not super exciting but the city is growing and become more interesting. During the weekends, (our weekends are Friday -Saturday) I help my mom out with chores and sometimes we take trips to visit family in other cities. I also hang out with my friends and we spend time   watching movies and play sports.

Kawther Fadhil, Iraqi Participant at Global Youth Village

Kawther, Left, hangs out with friends at a restaurant in the U.S.