Name: Momin Al-Kakaei

Nationality: Iraq

Year Attended the Global Youth Village (GYV): 2012

What I loved about the Global Youth Village:   GYV is a place that encourages strong bonds of friendships between its international participants. We are asked to get out of our comfort zones and be welcoming and caring of others. One of my favorite memories was our final Village Night, called “Sharing Night”; I wish I could relive that night over and over again.

How GYV impacted my future: When I returned to Iraq, I was inspired to volunteer at the hospital, doing everything from helping to sterilize equipment to actually doing patient rounds. I know that my volunteering experience at GYV motivated me to find a way to help people in need. I recently enrolled in one of the most prestigious medical schools in Ankara, Turkey.  I was alone when I came to Turkey, but thanks to the communication skills I gained during the Dialogue Workshop, it didn’t take long for me to step up and make the first move and introduce myself to others.  GYV helped me become more outgoing, eager and enthusiastic about my interactions with people. I’m so grateful because my experience in Turkey is going to be so much richer.  I even hope to return to GYV as a doctor some day!