Maya Manciagli

Maya Maciagli

“I learned how to talk to people, how to ask them questions about their culture.  We learned how to work and Live Side by Side.  To me, that’s the first step towards peace.” – Maya Manciagli, GYV ’14 

Living SidebySide®  with teens from 15 different countries, you’ll explore different cultures, customs, language and points of view.  As you build global friendships, you’ll learn that diversity and difference can be celebrated.

You’ll learn tools and techniques to listen to, communicate and collaborate with people who come from different backgrounds and may think differently than yourself.  You’ll experience how diversity can strengthen a group and make it more fun!

“We need to reach that happy stage of our development when differences and diversity are not seen as sources of division and distrust, but of strength and inspiration.  Josefa Iloilo”