hacknash-83-of-252Name: Avery Fisher

Nationality: USA

Years in GYV as a Participant: 1998

Education: BBA-Eastern Michigan University, MBA-Vanderbilt University

Current Occupation:   President, Remedify Inc.

Most Interesting Country Visited: Myanmar

Favorite GYV Memory:   After being at GYV for both sessions, my last night, many of us stayed out all night, bonding, sharing stories, and having the time of our lives. I remember standing on the covered deck at the top of a two story stairwell with another participant watching the rain roll over the camp in the eerie blue-blackness of a thunderstorm in the middle of the night. We talked for hours. When the rain let up, we wandered the woods just talking about life and what’s next, having profoundly changed after our time at GYV. It’s one of my fondest memories ever.

Interesting Biographical Info to Share:  GYV was a profoundly life-altering experience for me. I came in a narrow-minded, angry kid that had trouble connecting with other people. GYV gave me another view on what life could be and what it meant to form a meaningful, life-changing relationship with another human being. The seed was planted the summer I spent at GYV and it has continued to grow and mature since then. I feel like I owe a tremendous amount of my success in life, in my relationships, and in my work to the time I spent at GYV.
I’ve spent the last 14 years in media, technology, and the last four years in health care. I came to Nashville to get my MBA at Vanderbilt and secured venture capital for my first health care company the day I graduated. Two years later, I just received investment in my newest health care company from two of the largest health care companies in America. I can attribute this good fortune first and foremost to an ability to meaningful connect with others; an ability I believe I first developed thanks to GYV.