At the Global Youth Village international summer camp, we have the privilege of hiring and working with dedicated, highly qualified, energetic, and talented staff members. Summer 2012 is no exception. Meet some of our staff members and watch participants interact with each other for the first time!


Today was Orientation Day at the Village and it was a full day!  During the morning, Founder and President of the program, Mr. J.E. Rash addressed the group on the subject of universal human values. “We are all hardwired for love, patience, tolerance and understanding, ” he told the group.  Mr. Rash stressed the importance of recognizing these universal values and  using them as a foundation to create peace. Everyone participated in a thought-provoking values exercise.  (video to follow!)

In the afternoon, participants did their  health check-ins, tours of the campus, swim checks and chose their electives. Electives are a great opportunity to try something new. The electives being offered this session are: mask making, belly dancing, capacitar, public speaking, and improv (theater). It promises to be a fun and engaging  session for everyone!

Tomorrow is the first day of our workshops. Stay tuned for details.