J.E. Rash

J.E. Rash

Founder and President

J.E. Rash is a lecturer, writer, and consultant in education, dialogue, conflict resolution, and the design of training programs and curricula for educators, parents, and youths. As the founder of Legacy International, he has been instrumental in creating domestic and international programs in leadership training, sustainable development, cross-cultural relations, and inter-community dialogue.

In 1987, J.E. received the Friends of the United Nations Environment Programme 500 Award for outstanding contributions to the environment. In addition, he is an advisor to innovative programs treating autism, learning disabilities, and language disorders. Trained in the Montessori Method of education by the St. Nicholas Training Centre (London), he has established a number of Montessori preschools, as well as a small private school serving students from preschool through twelfth grade.

More Facts about J.E. Rash:

  • Expertise in childhood and adolescent education, Montessori methodology
  • Widely sought after lecturer and writer on topics of democratization, pluralism, development, East west dialogue,  and the Muslim world.
  • 1987 Recipient of Friends of the United Nations Environment Pro­gramme 500 Award for outstanding contributions to the environment.
  • Designer of programs in NGO management, women’s issues, civic education, religious tolerance and extremism, Islam and Democracy, and conflict prevention

Noteworthy speaking engagements include:

  • Asian Conference on Religion for Peace in New Delhi
  • University of Colorado’s Golda Meir Center for Political Leadership
  • International Symposium on Science and Consciousness in Olympia, Greece
  • An Encounter Between Jews and Muslims” in Cordoba, Spain
  • 2000 State of the World Forum, post 9-11
  • and he has spoken at many university and interfaith gatherings.

He is the author of a chapter in Taking Back Islam: American Muslims Reclaim Their Faith, edited by Michael Wolfe (Rodale Press, 2002).  He also authored a chapter in Democracy and Religion: Free Exercise and Diverse Visions, edited by David Odell-Scott (Kent State University Press, 2004) which was recently declared an Outstanding Academic Title , 2005 by the Journal Choice: Current reviews for Academic Libraries (January 2006.) His most recent work is Islam and Democracy (Wingspan Press 2006)